Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rosa by Nikki Giovanni

Giovanni, N. (2005). Rosa. NY: Holt.

Rosa is tired. She is tired from working all day. She is tired of all the hardship her people must endure. During this time in history, African Americans were not treated well and experienced many injustices. Rosa decides to take a seat against the unfairness. She unwittingly becomes a civil rights crusader and this is her story.

In the book Rosa, Nikki Giovanni and Brian Collier exemplify the criteria of style. The authors often write about race and race issues so the subject of the book Rosa is very much in their field of experience. The way they tell the story is very interesting and clear. It almost feels like they are telling a story, but giving facts embedded in it. The illustrations add meaning and enthusiasm to the story. The vocabulary that the authors use is simple and easy to understand for children. The book inspires students to think about the past and remind them that injustice does occur and should be avoided in the future. Children should feel inspired by the great Rosa Parks and how she stood up (sat down) for herself. 

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