Friday, December 4, 2015

Rapunzel's Revenge by Shannon and Dean Hale

Hale, S. (2008). Rapunzel’s revenge. NY: Bloomsbury.

Rapunzel is very bored stuck behind the walls of Mother Gothel’s fortress. One day she manages to get past the walls and discovers her real mother is a slave. Mother Gothel stole Rapunzel from her parents after her father was caught stealing from her garden. Mother Gothel places Rapunzel in a very tall tree that becomes her tower jail. When Rapunzel escapes, she embarks on many adventures with new found friends and longs to return and free her mother from slavery.

In the book, Rapunzel's Revenge, Nathan Hale represents the setting in vivid and clear illustrations. The authors add to the setting with the dialogue of their characters. The setting also brings adventure and danger to the story. The land is central to the development of the story because of Mother Gothel's growing powers. The author's witty dialogue is very important to the development of the story. Rapunzel and Jack share funny repartee that adds humor and realism to the story. They say things that really stick with the reader and make you want to use their phrases. The reader is able to connect with the characters and really believe the adventure.

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