Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Olivia by Ian Falconer

Falconer, I. (2009). Olivia. NY: Atheneum.

Olivia is a talented little girl. She can dress herself, paint, and sing really loudly. This story is a day in the life of Olivia. The book chronicles her day from when she wakes up until she is tucked in to bed. Olivia's mom does her best with keeping Olivia entertained throughout the day. She is so high energy that not even a nap can get her down. Even at bed time Olivia demands many stories from her mom before finally laying her head to rest. She is an endearing character with a lot of personality.

In the book Olivia, we see an excellent example of the visual element of line. Author and illustrator Ian Falconer uses very little color in his illustrations. They are mainly composed of lines that make up the character and minimal grey shading. He uses only the occasional red pop of color to accent his drawings. With these lines he creates movement, emotion, and depth. Ian Falconer has exemplified the evaluative criteria of style with his book Olivia. He has written many books about Olivia and his style has remained consistent. His books have become easily recognizable. He uses the same type of illustrations, dialogue, and text flow. We instantly know that the story is uniquely his to tell.

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