Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hitler Youth by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

Bartoletti, S. (2005). Hitler youth. NY: Scholastic.

Susan Campbell Bartoletti has assembled a group of stories that includes many different view points. She includes stories of Jewish boys and girls that are impacted by the organization Hitler Youth as well as German youth that joined the Nazi movement. She presents us with the facts and we must make the judgements.

I believe the book Hitler Youth by Susan Campbell Bartoletti is a great example of accuracy. Bartoletti is known as a phenomenal non-fiction writer. She has won several non-fiction awards such as the Newbery Honor, Sibert Honor, Orbis PIctus Honor, Parent’s Gold Choice Award, Sydney Taylor Notable, and the Pennsylvania Carolyn Field Award among many others. In Hitler Youth, she includes 6 pages of quote sources, and 6 pages of bibliographic references. It is clear that she did extensive research on the subject. She is able to give multiple perspectives in the stories that she presents from Jewish youth to Nazi youth and everyone in between. She gave us a glimpse of the vulnerability and naiveté of the Hitler Youth and allowed us to make the decision of whether they were guilty or mislead.

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