Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen

Klassen, J. (2012). This is not my hat. Boston, MA: Candlewick

A funny little fish has a master plan. He steals the perfect hat from a larger fish. Throughout his escape, he thinks he has gotten away with his dastardly deed! All the while, the reader knows he has not gotten away with anything. The big fish is on to him. The sneaky little crab has given up his location even though he promised to keep his secret. He can run, but he definitely can't hide. 

In the book This is Not My Hat, we can see a good example of setting. The story takes place in the ocean. We see the little fish swimming around trying to hide from the big fish.The setting has a big part in the story because the little fish thinks it can hide from the big fish in the weeds. However, the big fish was not fooled and he ended up getting his hat back. 

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