Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Three Pigs by David Wiesner

Wiesner, D. (2001). The three pigs. NY: Clarion.

The traditional story of the three little pigs starts out quite the usual way. When the wolf comes to blow down the straw house however, the pig is blown right out of the story. Soon, the three pigs find themselves wandering around among other popular children's stories. They jump in and out of them collecting friends along the way. Eventually they decided to go back to their story and their new friends help them scare the wolf away. We see that the pigs and their friends live happily ever after. 

The book The Three Pigs is an excellent example of illustration.The illustrations in the book The Three Pigs not only enhances the story, it makes an old story new and unique. The story begins with the age old tale of the three little pigs. However, we quickly see a twist as the pigs jump out of their story and walk around in a library of images. As they jump in and out of other stories, the illustrations change from flat to three dimensional. This twist makes the old story new and fresh. 

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