Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's a Book by Lane Smith

Smith, L. (2010). It’s a book. NY: Roaring Brook Press.

The Jackass is a child of the 21st century. Caught up in all the beeping sounds and flashing lights of technology, he is so blinded by his high tech gadgets that at first he is unable to understand this thing called a "book". The Monkey is quite patient with the Jackass at first, but even the most patient of monkeys gets annoyed. When the Jackass steals the book and seems to understand (finally!),  the Monkey decides to go to the library to borrow another book. In the end, however, the Jackass still does not fully understand the ins and outs of his book, and we finally hear the mouse speak his mind.

The book It's a Book exemplifies the visual element of shape. Lane Smith uses geometric shape to create likable (an unlikeable) characters. You can see through the use of shapes that the characters have emotion and movement throughout the book. There are points in the book in which the main character becomes so big it does not fit on the page but for his annoyed looking face. Shape helps to convey movement and emotion. 

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