Monday, July 25, 2016

And We Stay

Hubbard, J. (2015). And we stay. Chicago: Ember.

Summary: Emily Beam has moved to a new school because her boyfriend Paul threatened her with a gun and then committed suicide in her old school's library. Emily avoids forming relationships with her new classmates and focuses on her studies. However, Emily cannot avoid the poetry that she has suddenly developed the need to write. She reveals that prior to Paul's death she had been pregnant. Although she did not want to go through with the abortion after his death, her mother insists. K.T., Emily's roommate, shares that she too is there because of a friend's suicide. Emily relates heavily to Emily Dickenson and realizes that she is her muse. With the spirit of Emily Dickenson to guide her, Emily can find a way to heal herself.
Commentary: The plot of And We Stay is unique because it combines realistic fiction with a bit of the supernatural. Emily goes through some very traumatic events like her boyfriend's suicide and her abortion. Throughout the book she learns to cope with her traumas and with a spirit as her guide she is able to find herself. The theme of friendship is prevalent throughout the story. Emily must learn to trust people. She tends to push people away after her trauma, but throughout the book she begins to open up and develop relationships with others.
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Textbook Connections: And We Stay is a blend of genres and would not fit simply under just one genre in a library.

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