Monday, July 25, 2016

Evil Librarian

Knudsen, M. (2014). Evil librarian. Massachusetts: Candlewick.

Summary: Mr. Gabriel is the new high school librarian at Cynthia's school. Her best friend, Annie, has fallen head over heals for him. He's very hip, young, and handsome. After a series of events, Cyn realizes that Mr. Gabriel is actually a demon. She hears of his plan to drain the students of their souls and make Annie as evil as he is. Cyn is determined to save her friend from his evil clutches as well as the rest of the students in her school.  When Cyn discovers she is a "super roach" and immune to demon powers, she enters into the fight of her life to save her friends and the school musical.
Commentary: Cynthia or, Cyn as her friends call her, is just your average high school character. She's highly relatable with her crush on Ryan and her diehard friendship to Annie. However, she is put in an extraordinary situation when her new librarian turns out to be a demon that wants to steal her best friend. She must become more than her normal self. She must grow and become brave to save her school. Readers will love to cheer her on as she takes on the demon world.
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Textbook Connections: When I saw the cover of Evil Librarian, I knew students would really like it and are more likely to choose a book with an interesting cover.

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